As a result of WILD SUCCESS in our business, a major demand for GROWTH in talent has been created. We are searching for experienced professionals to join the team. This is NOT your basic opportunity, nor your basic company. We're looking for TALENT...talent that has a HUNGER FOR SUCCESS, NOT AFRAID OF CHALLENGE, welcomes a FAST-PACED WORK GRIND, and GEEKS OUT on the idea of ENDLESS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES. Our MISSION is to build long-term relationships with our agents, clients, and core business partners...relationships that are HOLISTIC and mutually beneficial in a MASSIVE WAY.

There is a MAJOR GAP in real estate, property management, and’s holding agents back and ultimately hurting their success. We’re VERY aware of it and addressing it HEAD ON across Sarasota, Manatee, and the state of Florida.

Ascendia Group is ALL ABOUT business-minded and entrepreneurial agents...our approach with clients and agents is NON-TRADITIONAL and PROGRESSIVE.

A bit about our firm...we are a local, boutique brokerage, located on Siesta Key, that cross-markets and holistically services clients across 3 divisions: Real Estate, Property Management, and Insurance. At our core, we believe in long-term relationships and EARN them by operating with TRUE integrity, accountability, and strong work ethic. Our clients are business-minded and view real estate as SO MUCH MORE than JUST a place to them, it’s an ASSET...and to us, we RESPECT, HONOR, and CONSULT them accordingly!  

It is NOT unusual for a lead to come into our business ecosystem through one division...and then to be serviced, AT A HIGH each of the other divisions. For example, OFTEN, vacationing guests will rent property from us, only to soon after purchase...with intentions to use it periodically while we manage it and produce a return on their investment, and oh by the way...have us insure it along with other insurance needs.   

This holistic approach does not STOP with our clients, it’s the culture and foundation for the relationship with our agents. We view them as business partners and as such, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind Hybrid, Real Estate and Property Management, role that teaches and exposes real estate agents to important things like 1031 exchangesinvestment properties, and CMA’s that are backed by Property Proformas 

This unique program is not being offered ANY where else and affords agents the opportunity to do both Property Management and Real Estate. Our agents go deep with their clients and service a book of business (provided by Ascendia) that pays them a consistent monthly compensation, as they are working real estate deals. The lead generation strategy is NOT cold is heavy in marketing and built off the already established relationships with clients through events, social media, farming, and referrals.  

If you’re curious about real estate as an asset and want to learn more about servicing your clients at a higher level with more of a holistic approach across business, we invite you to explore opportunities with Ascendia Group. 

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