Sarasota Real Estate Market Update for August 2022

Dated: August 4 2022

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Since it is officially hurricane season, I thought I would educate our new Florida residents and remind our longtime Florida residents of the importance of preparing for the threat of a hurricane. 


For those of you who were living in Sarasota and Manatee Counties in 2004, let's reminisce about our hurricane season.  We had a total of 5 hurricanes. 4 out of the 5 happened within a 6-week period! 


I was closing on a home located on a canal just off Siesta Key when hurricane Charley was threatening the coast of Florida.  Now, I have fond memories of the name Charley.  As a child growing up, I loved to play sports and often would play on the boy teams.  Instead of calling myself by my birth name, Beth, I received from the neighborhood the nickname Charley!  So how bad could hurricane Charley be? 


Forecasters at a minimum had predicted hurricane Charley would make landfall as a possible category 4 or 5 hurricane.  Forty-eight hours prior to Charley’s arrival I had a moving truck unloading furniture into my new home.  The majority of the residents on my street had moving trucks moving their furniture out of their homes.  They were starting to evacuate, especially the homes located on the intercoastal waterway. I had no time to prepare for this monster of a storm. 

Hurricane Charley made landfall in Punta Gorda (south of Sarasota) on Friday, August 13th as a category 4 hurricane.  It had sustained winds of 150 mph, claimed 9 lives, and caused $14 billion dollars worth of damage to our State.  Hoping for luck is not part hurricane preparedness plan.  From that moment forward I started to take each threat of a hurricane seriously.   


It was several weeks before I had the opportunity to meet any of my new neighbors due to the active hurricane season.  Finally, one day, when I was walking my dog, a husband-and-wife team, living at the end of my street slowed down their car and rolled downed their window, and asked; “Aren’t you our new neighbor, and weren’t you moving your furnishings INTO your home when we were moving our furnishings OUT of our home prior to hurricane Charley making landfall?” I responded, “Guilty”! “My name is Beth, and this is my dog, Sam”. They stared at me for 5 seconds or so and stated, “We decided to call you Charley!” 

It is said that “life comes to a full circle”.  I suppose that is true, at least it has been for me.  Please take hurricane season seriously.  The season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30th. 


Below are the real estate statistics for May.  As you can see the months of inventory have increased to 1.2 for single-family homes.  The market has started to shift, stay tuned.  

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