Top 3 Design Trends for 2022

Dated: November 9 2021

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Fall is a popular time to start much-needed house upgrades now that the weather is more ideal. Planning your designs so they are in alignment with current trends is a key to adding value. 2022 design trends recently released provide insight into new ways of conscious living.

Trend #1 Sustainability
Sustainability has become more talked about in the last couple of years as being at home and taking a step back from regular life has allowed people to be more conscious of their environmental impact. In 2022 sustainable or recycled materials will be more and more common - people are beginning to make positive choices for our planet and sustainability is now a selling feature when it comes to attracting the attention of homeowners and builders. Expect to see furnishings, flooring, and architectural elements that use environmentally-friendly materials such as; reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, jute, glass, recycled plastic, and metal.
Trend #2 Minimalism Remains
Minimalism done right enhances the livability of space despite featuring fewer creature comforts. While minimalism has become more common in recent years, extreme minimalism is definitely on-trend for 2022.  Extreme minimalism has been brought on by the need to purge belongings to free up space for daily activities that now have to be accomplished from within the home. In addition to creating space, purging/decluttering is said to help reduce stress.  As a result, people are doing away with unnecessary possessions within their homes to feel more at peace and organized.
Trend #3 Shades of Green
Green has been trending for a while and it continues to be on-trend for 2022. Green is calming and soothing. It de-stresses revitalizes and is associated with growth and nature. In a world where we are so enveloped in technology, green helps us to feel more at one with nature.  Expect to see olive and other warm shades of green, as well as richer jewel tones being incorporated in 2022 home interiors through furniture, plants, and decor.
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